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Grand Traverse 2014

I signed up for a 16-mile hike, part of the 27-mile Grand Traverse. It’s an annual event meant to highlight the awesomeness of the Superior Hiking Trail.

My starting point

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Cove Point Loop, Superior Hiking Trail

Cove Point Loop

I have started a bit of an Independence Day tradition. Since my husband works every 4th of July (the trade-off is he gets every Christmas off), I have most of the day to myself, and since the weather is usually gloriously sunny, I like to spend my day outside. Last year I did yard work – no fun, though necessary – but the year before that and this year I decided to go up north and hike the North Shore of Lake Superior.

This year I took my pup and headed to Beaver Bay, MN to hike the Cove Point Loop of the Superior Hiking Trail. It’s 5.5 miles and has a gain of 753 feet.

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Rocky cliff on the Superior Hiking Trail

Twin Ponds to Canal Park

I took a couple days off last week with the intention of going camping but our plans fell through. The weather forecast called for thunderstorms and 90°F temperatures. Since this was supposed to be our puppy’s first camping trip, we decided that thunder and heat stroke would probably not be the best way to introduce him to it. As it turned out, the thunderstorms never came and by Friday the temperature was back down to a reasonable 70ºF. It was too late to get a campsite so we had to stay home anyway, but I was determined not to waste my two vacation days. I took the puppy on another hike. This one was a bit longer than the first and a bit more intense. Continue reading Twin Ponds to Canal Park

Field of Orange Hawkweed

24th Avenue to Twin Ponds

One of my “bucket list” goals is to hike the entirety of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT), a 296-mile unbroken trail from Jay Cooke State Park to the Canadian border. I’ve done a couple small sections without even knowing it—it follows several popular walking/hiking areas in town that already existed—and this weekend I added one more (on purpose). I took my puppy hiking on a 1.7 mile section that runs from Skyline Parkway to Twin Ponds through Enger Park. It was a lot of fun and my 7-month-old puppy absolutely loved it. Continue reading 24th Avenue to Twin Ponds