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A bit of a rant

You know what, people, if you call someone at a business and they don’t call you back, do not call the receptionist and start yelling at him/her, as if they are somehow causing your problem.

“I’ve called several times and Joe hasn’t called me back.” then silence. “I really need to talk him, it’s important.” more silence, as if they are waiting for me to do something about it, like I’m suddenly going to Continue reading A bit of a rant


Good Dog Citizenship

I will be the first to admit that I am more of a cat person than a dog person. In fact, I have never owned a dog until recently. I generally prefer the more hands-off method of care that cats require over the ultra-needy method required by dogs. So with my stunted knowledge of dog rearing I kind of assumed that most people adhered to a set of unwritten rules about how to treat other dogs and their owners, and how owners should treat other people and dogs. Apparently this is not the case and the over-all “rule” for dogs seems to be, “do whatever you want, regardless of how it makes other people or dogs feel.” Since I am obviously an expert on the subject, after having my dog for 3 weeks (sarcasm), I will now enlighten you all with my Dog Citizenship Theory.

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