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A Weekend of Hiking and Snowshoeing

Husband and I have started an annual tradition of heading up the shore for a weekend getaway in the winter. With no holidays (for which we get off of work) to look forward to until the end of May, we decided to make our own. This year we extended the weekend to four days and spent 3 of them hiking and showshoeing some amazing sections of the Superior Hiking Trail. Continue reading A Weekend of Hiking and Snowshoeing


Superior Hiking Trail: Magney-Snively to Bardon’s Peak

It was about 45ºF on Sunday, with the foreseeable future being rainy and near freezing, so I decided to make the most of it. I loaded Pup in the car and we took scenic Skyline Pkwy all the way to the Magney-Snively trailhead.

The temperature was a little chilly, but good for a vigorous hike and the clouds for the night’s rain were just starting to roll in, threatening to blot out the setting sun. We started our hike at about 3:30-ish. If you’re unfamiliar with latitude 46.8ºN, you should know that the sun sets around 4:30pm in November. That comes into play later. Continue reading Superior Hiking Trail: Magney-Snively to Bardon’s Peak

Scenic State Park

Last weekend I drove up to Scenic State Park, about 2 hours northwest of Duluth, with my dog to bask in the glory of peak-season fall colors. I had checked the Minnesota DNR’s website to see where the best colors were happening and was pleased to find out one of the state parks I hadn’t been to yet was smack-dab in the middle of it. Continue reading Scenic State Park

Harbor Webcam

When I’m stuck inside on a beautiful day, or there’s a raging storm and I want to watch from the safety of my livingroom, or I want to see if anything is coming through the slip, I turn to Duluth Shipping News‘ webcam. It’s pointed at the Aerial Lift Bridge on the harbor side and gives me a little break from the office whenever I need it.

Click photo to go to Duluth Shipping News' webcam
Click photo to go to Duluth Shipping News’ webcam


August 11, 2010

One of the Best Sunsets of Duluth

I started blogging back in 2009. I called it Daily Duluth at the time because my original aim was simply to take one picture every day of Lake Superior. I had just moved to the area and found it to be breathtaking. I never wanted to miss a beat or take it for granted. Plus, I noticed that it seemed like the Lake never looked the same twice; neon blue one day, shrouded in mist the next, or iron-red streaks from sediment churned up by earlier storms. I wanted to document the changes and also created color palettes based on the photos I took. Continue reading One of the Best Sunsets of Duluth

Gin and a 5k

We missed our new thing for April so we doubled up in May. There is a great distillery in town that specializes in gin (though they are branching out into vodka and whiskey) called Vikre. Located in the Palucci building of Canal Park, just across the street from Grandma’s, their bar offers an intimate, upscale Scandinavian feel. The drinks are fantastic and are crafted around the gin, vodka and aquavit they produce. My personal favorites include The Bee’s Knees and the Lumbersexual, Continue reading Gin and a 5k

The Clouds Roll by and the Fog Moves In

The weather in Duluth, Minnesota has been absolute crap lately. Nothing but clouds, rain and fog for a week. But tonight, just for a few minutes, the clouds, fog and sunset conspired to be stunning. I took some photos, which, of course, don’t do it justice, but here they are none-the-less. Continue reading The Clouds Roll by and the Fog Moves In