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The taste of summer

Grilling is one of those things completely synonymous with summer. Say, “it’s summer,”or, “it’s grilling season,” and everyone knows what you mean. Warmth, sunshine, fresh air, fresh food, friend and good times. We had no shortage of that as we started our Independence Day weekend.

I have stopped eating most meat for a variety of reasons but I still eat fish and other seafood. So instead of the usual burgers or brats or, as Husband made for himself and our guests, bbq ribs, I get a delicious tuna steak. I always buy from the butcher whenever I get a chunk o’ fish like this, even though it was $14.75/lb. It just tastes better and I think fresh(er) fish holds  up better on the grill too.

I used a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen for the tuna and it is so good. Simply put, make your favorite vinaigrette using honey instead of sugar, pour it on both sides of the tuna steak, and grill. The vinegar will help the flavor of the sauce permeate the fish, and the honey will help the outside brown nicely.

  • 3 Tbsp each lemon juice and red wine vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 3/4 C olive oil
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 2Tbsp fresh thyme or rosemary

Put it all in a sealable jar and shake it like your life depends on a well mixed vinaigrette.

For our side dish I made Chickpea Taboulleh from ThugKitchen.com. Warning: expect a lot of swearing, but really delicious food.

I love summer and a good meal like this is just one of the many reasons.


Grilling in February: Grilled Blue Cheese and Pesto Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Holy WOW! I haven’t posted in a LONG time. Sorry! Turns out, January and February are busy months! And also I haven’t done much cooking :/ And I have not taken any photos of what I have cooked . I always feel like there’s not much point in posting without photos! Luckily, we did cook a day or two ago, and although I didn’t take any photos of it, I’ve made and photographed it before! So today is a bit of a re-blog with a little twist at the end: Grilled Blue Cheese and Pesto Stuffed Sweet Peppers, a.k.a. The Best Way to Make Vegetables Bad For You. Continue reading Grilling in February: Grilled Blue Cheese and Pesto Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Roasted Garlic Chuck Steaks

We didn’t have flat iron steaks, as the original recipe called for, but we did have really terrible cuts of chuck steak that were on sale! We didn’t cook them in a skillet, as directed in the recipe, but we grilled them instead. They turned out great and I’d definitely recommend them. Simple and delicious. Continue reading Roasted Garlic Chuck Steaks