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Blueberry, Cherry & Lemony Cream Cheese Crêpes

Crêpes, Two Ways

I don’t use wheat flour very much, but Husband uses it for making pita bread every now and again. He hasn’t made any in a while, and I was sick of seeing the bag of unused flour taking up space so I decided to try it for breakfast. I made both whole wheat crêpes and white flour crêpes so I could taste what the difference would be. Continue reading Crêpes, Two Ways


The Not-So-Humble Kumquat

Fruits of the Oval Kumquat, Fortunella japonic...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The kumquat. It sits in your grocer’s produce section, usually hiding in a little bin somewhere near the organic plantains and the little lime and lemon juice bottles shaped like their namesakes. It’s tiny, a little bigger than your average genetically enhanced grape, and orange—and you’d never guess what’s inside. Continue reading The Not-So-Humble Kumquat


2011 Mid-Season Garden Review

This post is mostly for my own good. I want to keep track of what’s doing well, how long things are taking to grow, and what I should try differently next year. I have 2 areas where I have things growing; the main garden in the yard, and the containers on my deck. Below is a summary of all my plants, what their expected size and maturity rate is, what worked about them and what I need to do next time. Continue reading 2011 Mid-Season Garden Review