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Bigger than Bird-Safe

The price tag of the new Viking’s stadium has gone up, again, by half a million dollars for more concession areas. Total cost of the stadium has hit $1.024 billion. The stadium, for those who don’t know, is basically all glass. Being that it’s right on a major migratory path, environmentalists have asked that the glass be bird-safe, which would add $1 million (less than one tenth the total cost). MSFA (Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority) says they won’t take on the additional cost, even though they have $21 million left over in a fund they set aside for this project. The reason: they don’t like how the bird-safe glass looks. Oh, and my personal favorite, “but everyone else has lots of shiny, hard-to-see glass. Why can’t I have lots of shiny, hard-to-see glass?” Continue reading Bigger than Bird-Safe


Buffalo Wings and Tacos

These days GO PACK GO! and J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS! can be heard for miles around coming from my living room. With my home team, the Packers, and Husband’s beloved NY Jets both making not only the playoffs, but also their divisional championships, it’s been pretty exciting on Sundays! What’s more amazing is that our local stations have actually been playing the games so we’ve been able to save a few dollars and eat at home. But I was missing the traditional Sunday trip to Buffalo Wild Wings and the tasty wings so I set out to make them myself. Continue reading Buffalo Wings and Tacos