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Eagle and three eaglets, from the MN DNR Eagle Cam

Nature is Harsh

In most workplaces the “water cooler” conversation tends to revolve around the latest episode of Game of Thrones or the most recent workplace gossip. Not where I work. I work for an industrial manufacturer and oddly enough the topic that comes up the most in conversation is the DNR’s Eagle-cam and the three little eaglets born in early March.

I find that as a volunteer wildlife rehabber I get a lot of questions from co-workers about various animal-related topics but lately the questions I get the most are about these fluffy little nestlings. One co-worker in particular is very concerned that the parents keep flying off, leaving the newborns (at this point about 3 weeks old) alone for extended periods of time. She also feels that one of the nestlings is always getting less food than the others, crowded out by its siblings and ignored by its parents. She’s a mom and she gets angry about the unfairness of it all.

All I can say is, nature is hard, man, and it’s all about survival from day one. Continue reading Nature is Harsh



There will be very little sleeping for me tonight because tonight I lightly assisted in rescuing… an EAGLE. That’s right my friends, the national bird. So I basically just saved America. You’re welcome.

Actually I mostly stood in the corner while the experts graciously did the saving of the bird (cleaning and wrapping a bloody, broken wing and preparing him for transport to the Raptor Center in St. Paul) while explaining what they were doing so I could learn. But I did throw a towel back over the bird’s face when it fell off, so he couldn’t peck their eyes out. I feel like that’s important.

Visit Wildwoods’ website to learn more about wildlife rehabilitation.