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Grand Traverse 2015

Last year I attempted a 16-mile hike as part of the Grand Traverse event in Duluth. I only made it 12 miles, but it was a beautiful day and I took a lot of great pictures (it’s hard to take a bad photo in the middle of a forest at peak fall colors). I was really disappointed that I didn’t make it to the finish line and vowed that I’d do it again in 2015.  Continue reading Grand Traverse 2015

Beach Day

Beach weather has finally reached Duluth, MN so we packed up the pup and took him down to Park Point beach. He loves swimming and goes a little nuts every time he sees his beach toys. If I want to get him to walk right next to me, forget a spoon with peanut butter or treats; all I have to do is hold the bright orange floating bumper and he will not leave my side. Until, of course, I throw it. Continue reading Beach Day

Mast and ropes of a Tall Ship

Tall Ships Duluth 2013

The Tall Ships event came to Duluth for the first time since 2010. I went with my husband and his parents then, and they came up again to see the ships this year. I was really excited to go because I remember having an incredible time in 2010. So many ships, so much history, so much to learn and lots of photo opportunities! Sadly, I was a little disappointed this time around. The boats were still magnificent to see, but shady ticketing practices and no-show boats soured the experience. Continue reading Tall Ships Duluth 2013

Rocky cliff on the Superior Hiking Trail

Twin Ponds to Canal Park

I took a couple days off last week with the intention of going camping but our plans fell through. The weather forecast called for thunderstorms and 90°F temperatures. Since this was supposed to be our puppy’s first camping trip, we decided that thunder and heat stroke would probably not be the best way to introduce him to it. As it turned out, the thunderstorms never came and by Friday the temperature was back down to a reasonable 70ºF. It was too late to get a campsite so we had to stay home anyway, but I was determined not to waste my two vacation days. I took the puppy on another hike. This one was a bit longer than the first and a bit more intense. Continue reading Twin Ponds to Canal Park

Field of Orange Hawkweed

24th Avenue to Twin Ponds

One of my “bucket list” goals is to hike the entirety of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT), a 296-mile unbroken trail from Jay Cooke State Park to the Canadian border. I’ve done a couple small sections without even knowing it—it follows several popular walking/hiking areas in town that already existed—and this weekend I added one more (on purpose). I took my puppy hiking on a 1.7 mile section that runs from Skyline Parkway to Twin Ponds through Enger Park. It was a lot of fun and my 7-month-old puppy absolutely loved it. Continue reading 24th Avenue to Twin Ponds

Flood 13 - 1st Ave Car

How to help victims of the flood in Duluth, MN

You may have heard of the flood in Duluth and you may have seen pictures all over the internet, the Weather Channel and newspapers. While our house was mostly unaffected, many people had 3′-4′ of standing water & sewage in their basements, ruining much of what they owned, not to mention all the damage to the actual homes. Cars were ruined (even swallowed whole in sinkholes) and residents of Duluth and surrounding communities lost a lot. In Duluth alone it’s estimated that public facilities damages will be over $50 million. I was able to capture pictures of some of the damage here and here. Continue reading How to help victims of the flood in Duluth, MN

Duluth’s Un-Fair Campaign: Marketing Blunder of the Year

Un-Fair Campaign Billboard, Image from PerfectDuluthDay.com
Un-Fair Campaign Billboard, Image from PerfectDuluthDay.com

Off to a slightly rocky start? Well no wonder. The recent “Un-Fair Campaign” in Duluth features billboards and advertisements that say “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.”

Offended? Yeah, I was too a little. I’m not blind or stupid, so just what exactly is this ad saying about me and my whiteness? Many people have taken this initial “ouch” reaction a bit far (our mayor has received threats); they feel this campaign is meant to say, “white people suck.” I think it is simply an example of really bad marketing. REALLY bad marketing. Continue reading Duluth’s Un-Fair Campaign: Marketing Blunder of the Year