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Squirrels at my birdfeeder

I used to get really upset by the squirrels eating at my bird feeder, but not so much any more. What changed? Continue reading Squirrels at my birdfeeder


Bird Feeder Alternative

This article from Mother Nature Network is a great discussion of why using a garden to attract birds is more beneficial than bird feeders.

Having a bird-friendly garden has a few “pros” over simply placing a feeder in the yard. You end up planting a wider diversity of plants and thus attract a wider diversity of not only birds but also insects such as butterflies and bees, which then attract even more different types of birds; for those who like to photograph their backyard birds, you have a wider variety of perches and backdrops with a beautiful, natural look to them; and you have birds that are comfortable with people moving about the garden.

Read more: http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/blogs/why-planting-garden-better-bird-watching-filling-feeder#ixzz3jUMiRh9Z