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Support Animal Welfare Legislation and Watchdog Groups

Please protect animal welfare

I have started a petition at petitions.whitehouse.gov asking the President and Congress to make animal welfare a priority. When I heard that the USDA removed animal cruelty reports from their website, I felt sick to my stomach.  Accountability by the public is a powerful motivator for change and removing that incentive will allow breeders, researchers, Big Agribusiness and other companies that use animals to mistreat and abuse animals without protest.

Sign the petition

Animals add immeasurably to our quality of life whether they be for food, work or companionship. They do feel pain, they do experience emotions (at the very least we can agree that they feel fear), they are capable of suffering physically and mentally. They are incapable of speaking for themselves, demanding change, creating their own destiny, choosing one path or another. We are their guardians and keepers and there is no reason in this universe why it is acceptable to treat the lives we depend on as cruelly as we are capable. Please sign the petition and ask this administration to bring accountability back through the USDA Animal Care Search Tool, and to pass and enforce bills that protect animals from harm and abuse.

According to the email I got from whitehouse.gov, I have “30 days to get 99,999 signatures in order for your petition to be reviewed by the White House. Until your petition has 150 signatures, it will only be available from the following URL and will not be publicly viewable on the Open Petitions section of We the People”

The URL is https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-people-ask-federal-government-make-animal-welfare-priority

Please share this with friends and family. This is not about criticizing any administration, this is not about political leanings, this is all about compassion. How can we be a proud nation when we allow abuse to be covered up and hidden away?