Support the Anti-Trafficking Movement

27 million people worldwide are being bought and sold right now. For labor and sex.
21.6 million are women.
10.8 million are children.

I live in Duluth, MN, a fairly safe community. I can walk around most streets feeling confident that I won’t be harmed, even at night. But the trafficking industry has not left my little community untouched. Rough estimates by local law enforcement say there are about 500 individuals being purchased for sex in Duluth today. And there are literally no resources available to meet the specific needs of victims and no way for them to get out.

A Beautiful Rescue is a fledgling organization working toward providing specialized care and resources for victims to get help and to recover, as much as someone can recover when they have been bought and sold 6-10 times a day. Right now we are raising funds, which will eventually be invested in transitional housing, mental and emotional healing, and job training. You can help by purchasing works of art at my store, Duluth Aboltionist at Each product features my photography or graphic design and 20%-50% of the cost of each item will be donated to A Beautiful Rescue.

Please note that we are not yet a 501(c)3 recognized non-profit and as such your purchase will not yet be tax deductible. We are working toward non-profit status and hope to be able to begin operating as such by the end of 2012. When you purchase something at my store online I am given 20%-50% of the cost. For example, a bumper sticker is $7.10. I will get $3.37 of that and I will donate the whole $3.37 to A Beautiful Rescue.

We have big dreams and would love for you to be a part of them! Please consider buying something from my online store:

Duluth Abolitionist: Stickers

Duluth Abolitionist Store: Canvas Wrap Prints
Canvas Wrap Prints

Duluth Abolitionist Store: Mugs

Duluth Abolitionist: Bags

Duluth Abolitionist Store: Photo Prints
Photo Prints

Duluth Abolitionist Store: Postage Stamps
Postage Stamps

Duluth Abolitionist Store: Post Cards
Post Cards

Duluth Abolitionist Store: Folio/Planner

Also check out this store from the Polaris Project. They’ve got t-shirts, buttons, flyers and more to aid in the fight against human trafficking.


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