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My husband and I have committed to trying at least one new thing together every month. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be something we haven’t done together before.

The circus

Don’t go. Husband wanted to go to the Shriner’s circus and bought tickets. I thought, “surely in this day and age they don’t actually have animals in their circus.” I was wrong, and it was so, so sad. Even Husband agreed. The elephants clearly had open wounds on their backs, the tigers looked lethargic. It was awful. Just don’t go. Don’t support shows using live animals that belong in the wild.


A Weekend of Hiking and Snowshoeing

Husband and I have started an annual tradition of heading up the shore for a weekend getaway in the winter. With no holidays (for which we get off of work) to look forward to until the end of May, we decided to make our own. This year we extended the weekend to four days and spent 3 of them hiking and showshoeing some amazing sections of the Superior Hiking Trail. Continue reading A Weekend of Hiking and Snowshoeing

Going Batty

We let October get away from us without doing anything new, but November and December were successes. In November we purchased our first car. Of course we both had vehicles from before we were married, or that had been graciously given to us by our parents, but we finally purchased a car for ourselves on our own. Not a huge deal, but it counts.

This month we went to the batting cages at Adventure Zone in Duluth’s Canal Park. It was only $10 for both of us to have three rounds in the cages, and even though the fun only  lasted about 10 minutes, we still had a great time! My first round was a complete bust, but after that I hit nearly every ball. I stayed in the slow-speed cage but Husband tried out the medium-speed cage with both softballs and baseballs. He, of course, did excellent with everything. Continue reading Going Batty

Madeline Island

For September’s Something New we visited Madeline Island, just offshore from Bayfield, WI. We actually did several new things this weekend so if we miss a month in the future, this month can make up for it! Ferries, mopeds, burned down bars and island time. There could be no better way to spend a weekend. Continue reading Madeline Island

Stand Up Paddleboards

SUP: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Our Something New for this month was stand up paddle boarding, or SUP. We didn’t really know what to expect, but at only $15 per person for an hour, it’s a great deal. We originally wanted to sign up to take a class since we’d never done anything like this before, but they were short staffed so we just rented the boards and they gave us a quick tutorial. Saved us about $10 a piece. The guys running the show were really nice and you could tell they were excited to be there.

After showing us what to do they gave us the boards, paddles and life jackets and sent us on our way. I fell off immediately. Luckily it was in shallow water so getting back on the board was not too tough, but Husband was not so fortunate. He fell off twice in deeper water; I don’t know if I could have gotten back on the board, but he did. As the instructor told us to do, Husband channeled his inner dolphin and got right back on the board. Continue reading SUP: Stand Up Paddleboarding


I’m bad at it. Chess. And all strategy games in general. But Husband and I have never played together, so that’s what we did as our “new thing” in June. Nothing fancy or exciting, just some quality time together NOT staring at a tv. I lost, of course, but it doesn’t matter. We played outside on our deck overlooking Lake Superior, sipping tasty beverages and enjoying each other’s company.

Gin and a 5k

We missed our new thing for April so we doubled up in May. There is a great distillery in town that specializes in gin (though they are branching out into vodka and whiskey) called Vikre. Located in the Palucci building of Canal Park, just across the street from Grandma’s, their bar offers an intimate, upscale Scandinavian feel. The drinks are fantastic and are crafted around the gin, vodka and aquavit they produce. My personal favorites include The Bee’s Knees and the Lumbersexual, Continue reading Gin and a 5k

Wild Turkey tasting bourbon glasses

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

This Something New post for December is a bit late, but it’s a long one so I needed the extra time 🙂 Husband is a big fan of bourbon. HUGE fan of bourbon. He loves it so much, in fact, I planned his 30th birthday around it. For three days we drove around Kentucky touring six fantastic distilleries, learning (and buying) a lot along the way. Continue reading Kentucky Bourbon Trail