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Cove Point Loop, Superior Hiking Trail

The Inconvenience of Holding a Leash

Things tend to happen in waves at Wildwoods, which makes sense as we are working with nature. There are seasons. First squirrel and bunny babies, then fawns and fledglings in the spring. As we move into summer and “baby” season comes to a close, we enter injured adult season. Even that has its own sub-seasons. For example, over the last couple weeks we’ve gotten in at least five or six painted turtles that have been hit by cars as they try to cross the road. But there is another wave of injuries happening that is completely preventable, though not many people around here seem to think the inconvenience is worth it. Every time we talk about it people get upset, some even get very irrational and seem to believe that the responsibility of keeping wildlife safe from this particular threat is Wildwoods’ alone, and not that of the caller. Continue reading The Inconvenience of Holding a Leash


Beach Day

Beach weather has finally reached Duluth, MN so we packed up the pup and took him down to Park Point beach. He loves swimming and goes a little nuts every time he sees his beach toys. If I want to get him to walk right next to me, forget a spoon with peanut butter or treats; all I have to do is hold the bright orange floating bumper and he will not leave my side. Until, of course, I throw it. Continue reading Beach Day

Good Dog Citizenship

I will be the first to admit that I am more of a cat person than a dog person. In fact, I have never owned a dog until recently. I generally prefer the more hands-off method of care that cats require over the ultra-needy method required by dogs. So with my stunted knowledge of dog rearing I kind of assumed that most people adhered to a set of unwritten rules about how to treat other dogs and their owners, and how owners should treat other people and dogs. Apparently this is not the case and the over-all “rule” for dogs seems to be, “do whatever you want, regardless of how it makes other people or dogs feel.” Since I am obviously an expert on the subject, after having my dog for 3 weeks (sarcasm), I will now enlighten you all with my Dog Citizenship Theory.

Continue reading Good Dog Citizenship