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My attempt at becoming more organized with my meals. I’m joining other inspired bloggers who link their menus at

I’d ALMOST Pay for this Service

Menu planning can be a real pain and can take HOURS out of your life just to collect a week’s worth of meals you want to make, then figure out what ingredients you need to buy, then get to the grocery store, then go back to the grocery store the next day when you realize you forgot something, then have to go back a few days later because you didn’t get to that one recipe in time and now all the produce has gone bad… Continue reading I’d ALMOST Pay for this Service


Trial and Error

Last time I posted a menu plan I said I was going to try planning a month out instead of a week out. Things went great for the first two weeks, then I forgot what I was supposed to make and life interjected it’s own opinions about dinner time. By planning monthly I was hoping to cut down on the number of grocery store trips I’d have to make but, of course, purchasing 2 weeks worth of produce yielded 1 weeks worth of bad produce. I can certainly buy the non-perishable items ahead of time, but I’d forget what I bought such-and-such a thing for, use it on something else, then not have it when it came time to make the originally intended recipe. Continue reading Trial and Error

Monthly Planning

I’m going to try something new in regard to my menu planning. I posted last week about my reasons for menu planning and one of them included simplification. I noted that I often tried to make too many new things which ended up just adding stress to the planning process and time to the cooking process. In an effort to curb that tendency and actually simplify meal-time, I’m going to plan monthly instead of weekly. To keep things from getting too boring and stale, I’ll do it on a two-week cycle and allow myself 1 new recipe a week.

So what am I going to make over the next month? Continue reading Monthly Planning

Why Do I Plan Meals?

Meal Planning has been very helpful for me but sometimes it feels like an absolute chore. I’d rather be doing something else than sifting through my list of recipes, figuring out what looks good or what I have the ingredients for. Meal planning is not at all fun and eventually I get bored with it and quit. Then I stumbled upon 6 Tips for Sticking to Your Meal Plan. Number one on the list is to remind yourself why you’re meal planning to begin with. I started meal planning for several reasons and I think it’s about time I remember what they are.
Continue reading Why Do I Plan Meals?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Rice

I know I’m not alone. There’s a ton of food in your house and yet, “there’s nothing to eat.” Random cans of beans, various containers of broth, maybe there’s pasta sauce, maybe there’s not, half a container or less of sour cream, 2 eggs, and not enough leftovers to make a full serving. Bits and pieces that should add up to something, but don’t. Continue reading Rock ‘n’ Roll Rice

European (and Thai) Culinary Tour

Another one of my favorite cookbooks is One-Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson. Don’t be confused by the name; you won’t use just one dish to cook the meals, but the recipes are designed to be complete meals served in one dish. A lot of the meals are quite bland, but that’s easily remedied by adding your own favorite herbs and spices to your taste. In general, though, I’ve learned Continue reading European (and Thai) Culinary Tour

Stay Flexible

Often times I make the meal plan for the week and get my shopping list together on Mondays. I can’t go grocery shopping until Tuesday, though, so Monday usually ends up being leftover day, or I accidentally use up one or more of the ingredients I’ll need for something I’ve planned for but didn’t add to the grocery list.

Things happen, stuff has to change and shift depending on what’s going on that day and what unexpected plans have come up for the week. So many times I end up taking things from last week’s menu that I didn’t get to and adding it to this week’s menu in the hopes that I’ll actually get to make it. Planning is good, but flexibility is necessary. A good life lesson, too. Continue reading Stay Flexible

A Very Veggie Week

In an effort to eat healthier I started out by doing one vegetarian meal a week. That was a few years ago and now I try to do only one meaty meal a week. Of course, Husband is not exactly of the same mindset so if he gets to the kitchen before I do, we’re probably going to be eating a quick ‘n’ dirty beef stroganoff kind of concoction. Tasty, but far from healthy.  This week I don’t have a single meaty dish on the menu, although it could be easily added if a totally meatless week is too much for some people to handle… Continue reading A Very Veggie Week

The Best Vegetarian Cookbook

Last week I made Grilled Vegetable Kebabs w/Grilled Lemon. I so wish I could share the recipe here, but it came from America’s Test Kitchen: The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, and I’m thinking copying the recipe here would be against their copyright. I CAN tell you, however, that you need to get this book. The recipes can get a bit fussy, but it’s worth it. We haven’t made anything out of that cookbook that we didn’t like. Continue reading The Best Vegetarian Cookbook

Too Hot for the Kitchen

I have found that for nearly every home the kitchen is the favorite gathering place for most people. In the summer, though, without air conditioning, it’s the least favorite room in the house. Cooking either gets done outside on a grill, or is put off until late in the evening when things cool down a bit, or at least until it’s clear we won’t be having to haul our sweaty selves somewhere public for the rest of the night. This week it’s supposed to be in the lower 80’s every day, which means the kitchen is going to be no fun. We still must eat, though, so this is my plan; all recipes that either are grill-friendly or take very little stove/oven time. Continue reading Too Hot for the Kitchen