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Overnight Oatmeal, Part 2

I’ve posted before about overnight oatmeal and I just wanted to give a little update about what I’m doing with it now. Since I eat it nearly every day, I like to tweak it here and there depending on my mood. Right now, this is my recipe of choice:

1/2 C steel-cut oats
1/2 C almond milk
1/8 C Greek yogurt, plain or honey-flavored
1/2 tsp agave nectar
3 dashes ground cinnamon, to taste
1 dash nutmeg
1 pinch ground allspice
1 handful frozen blueberries


Grab-and-Go Breakfast: Egg Muffin

A quick one today, and no pictures, sorry. I’ve been looking for a good quick grab and go, make-ahead breakfast option for weekdays. Me + time to make breakfast before work = nope. I had been big on Overnight Oats, but after eating them every day all winter and spring I got a bit… over it. I plan to give breakfast oatmeal muffins a try but in the meantime I made breakfast egg muffins instead.
Egg yolks make me feel sick for some reason so I used just the whites. For 6 egg “muffins” just whisk together 12 egg whites and whatever herbs and spices you want (I added fresh Basil, chives, salt and pepper), then divide evenly among 6 well greased muffin tin cups. Add toppings like mushrooms, tomatoes or cheese and bake at 375F for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely. Store baggies in the fridge and just grab one on the way out the door. I had hamburger buns so I grabbed one on my way out and heated up my egg muffin sandwich in the microwave at work.
Quick, simple, healthy.

Home-Made English Muffins

I made them on a whim. I saw them on Pinterest and decided, hey, why not? I have all the ingredients, it’s Saturday. Let’s do this! Holy crap were they ever a pain in the butt. After all was said and done I probably spent about 3 hours making these things, partly due to my messy kitchen and lack of work-space, and partly due to things not going the way they were supposed to. Also, they did NOT look like picture from the recipe I was using.
Continue reading Home-Made English Muffins

Egg White Omelette

I have a mild egg allergy. The yolks of eggs make me sick to my stomach when I eat them, though eggs in things, like brownies, are ok. I really like eggs, though, and every once in a while I’d like to eat one. So when I came across this omelette recipe on Pinterest I just had to try it. It turned out pretty good, though it did reinforce my distaste for warm tomatoes, and I did make a few changes. Continue reading Egg White Omelette

Overnight Oatmeal

I gave this recipe, as it was, 2.5 stars, but 5 for potential. When I made Overnight Oats the first time, following the recipe to the letter, it ended up as just milk soup with some oatmeal in it. It overwhelmingly tasted like plain greek yogurt with chunks in it. I added about 1/8 tsp each of sugar and cinnamon, and a couple dashes both of nutmeg and ground cloves. It helped, but the texture is still yogurty oatmeal soup. Once I strained it (which was no small feat since I was at work and didn’t actually have a strainer) it was a great deal better. I’d like to try it again but next time I will only use half the yogurt and milk. Oh, and I did not use the chia seeds. I meant to add ground flax meal, but I forgot.


I have made this several times since that first oatmeal soup attempt and it has become on of my favorite things to eat for breakfast. In fact, I eat it every weekday. It’s so easy to prepare just before going to bed then grab it on my way out the door and eat it at work. I have made several edits to the original and have come up with a winning standard recipe. Continue reading Overnight Oatmeal

Blueberry, Cherry & Lemony Cream Cheese Crêpes

Crêpes, Two Ways

I don’t use wheat flour very much, but Husband uses it for making pita bread every now and again. He hasn’t made any in a while, and I was sick of seeing the bag of unused flour taking up space so I decided to try it for breakfast. I made both whole wheat crêpes and white flour crêpes so I could taste what the difference would be. Continue reading Crêpes, Two Ways

Smoothies for Breakfast

Let me just state that I am morally opposed to anything that is considered or called a “Meal Replacement.” No one needs to replace their meal with anything. If anything we usually just need to edit what we’re eating a little, like chicken instead of beef, or a vegetarian meal (which are not, by default, healthy, by the way) once or twice a week. Body by Vi? What’s the point?! I want FOOD for lunch. Continue reading Smoothies for Breakfast