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Duluth, MN is where I call home and it is the most beautiful place I have lived.

Grand Traverse 2015

Last year I attempted a 16-mile hike as part of the Grand Traverse event in Duluth. I only made it 12 miles, but it was a beautiful day and I took a lot of great pictures (it’s hard to take a bad photo in the middle of a forest at peak fall colors). I was really disappointed that I didn’t make it to the finish line and vowed that I’d do it again in 2015.  Continue reading Grand Traverse 2015

Beach Day

Beach weather has finally reached Duluth, MN so we packed up the pup and took him down to Park Point beach. He loves swimming and goes a little nuts every time he sees his beach toys. If I want to get him to walk right next to me, forget a spoon with peanut butter or treats; all I have to do is hold the bright orange floating bumper and he will not leave my side. Until, of course, I throw it. Continue reading Beach Day

Sheltering from the Storm

One of the things my husband and I love to do is to head down to the Lake when it’s angry. When the winds and waves are high and a storm is rolling in (or in progress), Lake Superior is quite impressive and being on its shores is invigorating. About a week ago a storm came in and the waves were rolling over the walls of the piers. It’s always humbling to be so close to such uncaring power. Continue reading Sheltering from the Storm

The Clouds Roll by and the Fog Moves In

The weather in Duluth, Minnesota has been absolute crap lately. Nothing but clouds, rain and fog for a week. But tonight, just for a few minutes, the clouds, fog and sunset conspired to be stunning. I took some photos, which, of course, don’t do it justice, but here they are none-the-less. Continue reading The Clouds Roll by and the Fog Moves In

Grandma’s Marathon

No, we did not run, we just watched. We hit several major viewing points to cheer on my brother-in-law, who finished in 4 hours 28 minutes. Not bad for someone’s first marathon!

Grandma’s Marathon attracts thousands to the Twin Ports area every June and is a qualifier for other major marathons. According to in the 2014 race there were 6212 finishers and the average time was 4 hours, 14 minutes. I’m sure there are very good reasons why the race is held in June, but weather is not one of them. Continue reading Grandma’s Marathon

Ely's Peak 01

Ely’s Peak

I am a *bit* behind in posting our adventures this summer. It’s been so busy and the short times I’ve been able to work on my blog have been spent making sure the merger of my other two blogs into this one was a smooth one. Better late than never right?

This particular hike met a couple of my goals. It was a New Thing we did in July, and it is part of the Superior Hiking Trail. The peak is named for Edmund F. Ely (pronounced ee-l-ee), missionary, postmaster, and early settler (c.1830’s) of West Duluth.

Today it’s a very popular hiking destination as it offers fantastic views of the St. Louis River. It’s a rugged hike, quite vertical (242-foot gain), but short (just about 1 mile). Just make sure you have good hiking shoes with support for your ankles. Continue reading Ely’s Peak