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7th Ave E at 1st Street

Now that the rain has stopped

I posted some “during” pictures of the flood in Duluth yesterday, now it’s time for some post-flood pictures. Well, more accurately, post-rain pictures. Some places are still flooded, but damage from receding water is now visible. Continue reading Now that the rain has stopped

Flood 5 - Third attempt at getting home, failed

Well, there’s a flood outside my door. Now what?

I thought it was impossible. A flood in Duluth? Hillside Duluth no less? Yep. It’s so bad, in fact, that our mayor has declared a state of emergency. Roads are washed away, vehicles are getting stuck all over the place, people can’t get to or from work and, very sadly, many zoo animals have drowned. Continue reading Well, there’s a flood outside my door. Now what?

Duluth, MN as seen from Enger Park

Back by Popular Demand

I’m not saying I’ll be able to post as often as I did when my Daily Duluth project first started—I’ve gotten lazy and no longer walk to work, although I know I should. But I do miss taking pictures of the awesomeness that is Duluth so here’s the first of, I hope, a renewed regular posting of photographs of and around Duluth, MN.

Duluth, MN as seen from Enger Park
2012.01.02 Duluth from Enger Park, sunset


Pano of Duluth, Minnesota and Lake Superior as seen from Enger Park
2012.01.02 A panorama of Duluth and Lake Superior as seen from Enger Park, sunset

Finding Peace on the Way to Work

Walking in Duluth, MN will fill all but the hardest of hearts with awe and wonder. The beauty this city has is amazing and no matter where you are you can look in just about any direction and see something that will inspire you or ease your mind and bring you a sense of peace. My walk to work is one such walk, and it doesn’t matter what route I take. On this day I walked under the Mesaba Ave. bridge over 2nd Ave. West and, though it may look a bit too industrial for some, I thought it was quite a unique and beautiful view of downtown, Canal Park and the Lake.

Deer! Everywhere!

Recently there was a beautiful full moon. In fact, it was what they call a “Super Moon” when the moon is at the closest point in its orbit to the Earth, making it appear HUGE in the night sky. I couldn’t believe how bright it was at night with this fantastic moon and apparently the deer found it irresistible too.

I now live near a large park in Duluth (Enger Park) where there lives at least one family of deer. They made frequent appearances during the full moon and did not really try to hide. For 2 days in a row I met deer in the middle of the road, in neighbors’ yards, and in clearings on the hillside. The following are pictures taken on March 17 at sunset on Skyline Drive.

Lake Superior: A Series of One Day

On Feb. 19th there was a huge wind storm. My husband and I went down to the shore to have an adventure and what an adventure it was! One day later the wind was still blowing and creating quite the commotion on the water so I took some more pictures. Then the wind changed a bit and the waves got smaller, but the ice moved in. Then the wind changed again, and the Lake changed again, and throughout the day there was a different scene out my window. I took pictures every so often to document it.

Leaving Work In the Fall

Thursday 10.21.2010

The begining of a beautiful sunset. Sometimes leaving work during the fall or winter months can be a little depressing. Just a few short weeks ago there would have been at least three or four hours left of full daylight. But now, with the days swiftly growing shorter, leaving work when it’s dark is becoming a familiar reality. But some days, it’s worth losing some light to be able to catch the sunset on my way home.

October 21, 2010
October 21, 2010

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