A bit of a rant

You know what, people, if you call someone at a business and they don’t call you back, do not call the receptionist and start yelling at him/her, as if they are somehow causing your problem.

“I’ve called several times and Joe hasn’t called me back.” then silence. “I really need to talk him, it’s important.” more silence, as if they are waiting for me to do something about it, like I’m suddenly going to pull out my Joe-Controller, press a button and force him to call this person back. This time around the guy started yelling and said, “I’m calling from the UK and I am surprised that a business like yours making lots of money is not responding to my request for quote.” Ok, first thing, you’re not calling from the UK, Asswipe, you are calling from Nigeria and you call several times a day, every day. I should know, I answer your pissy calls every time. Second, you have no idea how much money we make because we’re privately owned and do not release our financials. Your request for a quote is sounding less and less serious by the second if you’re trying to tell me lies about the company I work for. Third, if no one is calling you back, it probably means we’re not interested. If it were me, I’d move on and get a quote from someone else instead of harassing the receptionist who can’t do a god damned thing about people not wanting to do business with you.

I get it, it’s frustrating when you need information and the person who has it won’t talk to you, but it’s not the receptionist’s fault and being a bitch to him/her won’t help anyone. It just makes you a jerk. And believe me, when I talk with my coworkers, I’m not saying, “a lovely gentleman called earlier for you and would really like to speak with you.” I am saying, “This guy keeps calling for you and is a complete ass-hat. He keeps yelling at me, so good luck with that,” and then you are treated accordingly by the person you wanted to talk to.

So step off your high-horse and into your logic-pants and yell at the person you have a problem with, not just the poor sap who has to answer the phone first, barely getting paid a livable wage and definitely not enough to put up with your shit. Or better yet, be nice. To everyone.


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