Going Batty

We let October get away from us without doing anything new, but November and December were successes. In November we purchased our first car. Of course we both had vehicles from before we were married, or that had been graciously given to us by our parents, but we finally purchased a car for ourselves on our own. Not a huge deal, but it counts.

This month we went to the batting cages at Adventure Zone in Duluth’s Canal Park. It was only $10 for both of us to have three rounds in the cages, and even though the fun only  lasted about 10 minutes, we still had a great time! My first round was a complete bust, but after that I hit nearly every ball. I stayed in the slow-speed cage but Husband tried out the medium-speed cage with both softballs and baseballs. He, of course, did excellent with everything.

I can now tell you exactly which muscles are used for swinging a baseball bat, but not necessarily used for other every-day activities. The right shoulder, for one, and whatever muscle is just below the elbow. OUCH!

It’s definitely an activity we’re going to do again, though. It was pretty cheap and a good way to blow off steam. Plus it’s indoor; perfect for cold, miserable, rainy December nights.


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