Preventing Animal Cruelty

For a while it seemed like every week someone would bring an animal in to Wildwoods that had been rescued from abuse at the hands of children. My intial reaction always included rage, anger, obscenities and the phrase, “serial killers in training.” Not the most productive of reactions, and luckily I was never the one to encounter these kids, as I probably would not have the strength and foresight to push past my gut reaction toward a more positive and helpful one.

To help us all remember that kind, compassionate education is the key to ending this kind of behavior, Tara Smith, one of the staff members at Wildwoods, wrote a great article in a local newspaper, which you can and should read here, recounting the story of another wildlife rehabber who was able to get past the anger and find a teachable moment that changed everything.

A Heartfelt Plea from a Wildlife Rehabber, by Tara Smith  |  The Budgeteer

Featured photo from Audrey (flickr)


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