European (and Thai) Culinary Tour

Another one of my favorite cookbooks is One-Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson. Don’t be confused by the name; you won’t use just one dish to cook the meals, but the recipes are designed to be complete meals served in one dish. A lot of the meals are quite bland, but that’s easily remedied by adding your own favorite herbs and spices to your taste. In general, though, I’ve learned some new ways to cook, new ingredients to use, and have found some new favorites. One tip, though, double the recipe, especially if you want leftovers. I am not sure why but every recipe in this book seems to only make enough to feed 2 people once, even when it says it serves 4.

This week I’m making one of my favorites out of One-Dish Vegan (see below), and some of my other favorites from Greece, Thailand, Italy and Spain.

Monday –  Chicken Souvlaki

Tuesday – Couscous with Edamame and Chickpeas (from One-Dish Vegan)

Wednesday – Easy Pad Thai

Thursday – Pasta Primavera

Friday – Spanish Chicken & Rice with Cool Mint Dressing

Saturday & Sunday – Adventure/Leftovers

Menu Plan Monday


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