Stand Up Paddleboards

SUP: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Our Something New for this month was stand up paddle boarding, or SUP. We didn’t really know what to expect, but at only $15 per person for an hour, it’s a great deal. We originally wanted to sign up to take a class since we’d never done anything like this before, but they were short staffed so we just rented the boards and they gave us a quick tutorial. Saved us about $10 a piece. The guys running the show were really nice and you could tell they were excited to be there.

After showing us what to do they gave us the boards, paddles and life jackets and sent us on our way. I fell off immediately. Luckily it was in shallow water so getting back on the board was not too tough, but Husband was not so fortunate. He fell off twice in deeper water; I don’t know if I could have gotten back on the board, but he did. As the instructor told us to do, Husband channeled his inner dolphin and got right back on the board.

About halfway through the trip we switched boards because mine was wider and longer than the one he got and he was having trouble staying on it and steering it. Smaller person, smaller board, that’s what we learned. After that switch no one fell off again! When we got back to shore I wished we had signed up for two hours instead of just one. I think it takes about an hour to get the hang of it, and then the real fun begins. I’m definitely going to make this a new hobby!

We rented our boards from North Shore SUP and I would highly recommend them. If you have a way to transport the boards, they even let you take them wherever you want to go, you don’t have to stay in the harbor. I can’t even tell you how much fun I had. By the way, I am in no way what one would consider to be “physically fit” and I still rocked it, so don’t think that this is something only health nuts can do. Next time I’m going to make sure I have a waterproof camera, waterproof watch, and a cooler full of tasty food and beverages. I think a picnic in the middle of the harbor would be awesome!


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