Too Hot for the Kitchen

I have found that for nearly every home the kitchen is the favorite gathering place for most people. In the summer, though, without air conditioning, it’s the least favorite room in the house. Cooking either gets done outside on a grill, or is put off until late in the evening when things cool down a bit, or at least until it’s clear we won’t be having to haul our sweaty selves somewhere public for the rest of the night. This week it’s supposed to be in the lower 80’s every day, which means the kitchen is going to be no fun. We still must eat, though, so this is my plan; all recipes that either are grill-friendly or take very little stove/oven time.

Monday –  Brats & side salad

Tuesday – Summer Black Bean Wraps

Wednesday – Easy Pad Thai

Thursday – Rock ‘n’ Roll Summer Rolls

Friday – Date night! Eating out

Saturday – Grilled Vegetable Kebabs w/Grilled Lemon

Sunday – Leftovers

>> Menu Plan Monday

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