Menu Plan Monday, the Resurgence

Wow, I took a look at my archives and realized I hadn’t posted a Menu Plan Monday since 2013! Menu planning, like most planning, is something that I struggle with. It’s hard to come up with a plan for a week’s worth of food when household daily schedules are so varied, people aren’t home at the same time, and life outside the house stops for no one. It also doesn’t help that the type of food I want to be eating (more veg, less meat and grains) is typically not satisfying for Husband, so I either end up having to make 2 dinners or one of us doesn’t get what they want. Trying to find meals that we both are happy with is daunting and, honestly, is the biggest reason why I stopped planning meals. Sometimes it just feels like an insurmountable task and I give up (same thing happens when I try to clean and see how much stuff I have).

But that’s precisely the time when I need to focus much harder on planning meals. “Winging it” just results in unhealthy, and many times, not tasty meals. So here we go again. Let’s try this planning thing once more.

To help me, I downloaded a free app called Pepperplate. I can store all my recipes in that app, then just scan through the list, find things I want to make and add them to the built-in meal planner. I can also add them to the built in shopping list. The best part about the shopping list is if one recipe calls for 5 lemons and another calls for 3, the list will tell me I need 8 lemons. Then I can sort the shopping list either by recipe or aisle (which I can customize). This comes in handy when I forget why the heck I’d need 8 lemons.

So here it is. My weekly plan.

Monday: Chicken brats (leftover from camping) and grilled zucchini with blue cheese & basil dressing

Tuesday: Easy Pad Thai

Wednesday: Kale Powered Pasta

Thursday: Tuna Croquette

Friday—Sunday: Camping!

Breakfasts: grab-and-go egg muffins

Lunch:  summer black bean wraps,

Dinners: Brats and roasted broccoli or brussels sprouts

Snacks: Trail mix

Menu Plan Monday

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