As seen on TV or Google…

This is a fantastic post from Hobbitstee, a licensed wildlife rehab facility in Ontario, about why you should ALWAYS call a wildlife rehabber before messing with wildlife. Especially poignant is their mention of anthropomorphism–assigning human traits and characteristics to animals. It’s so very dangerous to assume an animal is behaving a certain way for the same reasons you or I would behave that way. And I know, baby animals are CRAZY cute, but if you really want to help the baby critters yourself, be a volunteer with a local, licensed wildlife rehabilitator who can provide the education and experience that is necessary for the proper care of wildlife.


I am seeing a trend this year. A very scary trend. It has to do with wildlife being kept in captivity. Something that is a violation under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act in Ontario. According to our laws you have 24 hours to get a wild animal help, but somehow the # of calls I get in regards to wildlife in captivity is on the rise.

Often I get told ‘I have seen this on tv, so I know what I am doing’ or ‘I have googled it, so I can do this’. I hope you can see how this does not make any sense. Caring for injured/orphaned wildlife is a delicate job. Many animals require medical care. Often by the time I receive animals people have ‘tried’ to help and the animals are suffering as a direct result of these attempts and some even die.

Also the zoonotic…

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