Beach Day

Beach weather has finally reached Duluth, MN so we packed up the pup and took him down to Park Point beach. He loves swimming and goes a little nuts every time he sees his beach toys. If I want to get him to walk right next to me, forget a spoon with peanut butter or treats; all I have to do is hold the bright orange floating bumper and he will not leave my side. Until, of course, I throw it.


He is excellent at retrieving and will not stop until he’s found the target. One time we threw a stick for him, it sank, but he kept swimming around looking for it. We had to go get him out of the water. He’s very, very dedicated.


The thing that always seems to cut beach day short, though, is deer flies. They were brutal on Saturday when the sun started going down and things cooled off. Luckily we had brought a canopy with screened walls, so we were safe for a while. Then it was time to tear down the canopy and go home. With our netted protection gone they just swarmed the poor dog; I’ve never seen so many stupid deer flies! I eventually made him a cape to try and keep them off. I think he liked it.

wpid-wp-1435589157116.jpgDespite the deer flies, it was a great day at the beach.





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