Improv and a New Dining Experience

March’s Something New is a two-fer because we forgot to do something new in February. It’s nothing grand or crazy, but it proved to be a good time… sort of.

First we tried out a restaurant that we hadn’t been to before in the Fitger’s building. It’s called Midi and serves a “fusion of classic ingredients and colorful flavors from the Mediterranean.” The appetizer, Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta, was really good, and so was my entree, the Chicken with Fig and Brie. My cocktail, I think it was called A Walk on the Lake and was basically a mojito with vodka instead of rum, was ok, but Husband had a different experience. His cocktail, a classic Sazerac, was like drinking liquid black licorice. It was as if the bartender had accidentally poured an entire glass of Peychaud’s Bitters or Herbsaint, and forgotten the bourbon. It was absolutely horrible. Then came his food. He got the Carbonara, standard Italian fare, we’ve made it many times at home with great success. Midi had trouble with it, though, and Husband actually found goupy raw egg throughout the pasta. No good. In summary, we won’t be going back and don’t recommend it. There are so many other wonderful places in town to get much better food in the same genre, and WAY better cocktails.

After that, we walked down to the Zeitgeist building, grabbed some good cocktails from the bar (this drastically lifted our spirits… get it?), and headed over to Teatro Zuccone for Renegade Improv (it’s all in the same building so our drinks could come with us!). What a great way to spend $5! We had a fantastic time, even though we were the oldest people there (we are only in our 30’s but apparently improv is a college student’s game). We’ll definitely be going back; the actors/comedians are very talented and put on a great show. If you’re in town on a Friday or Saturday night, definitely head downtown and check it out.


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