Weekend Getaway

January’s Something New is one of my favorites. Husband foresaw a future of packed weekends for a very long time, and since he’d been working so hard he decided that we needed to get away… right NOW. So we packed up the booze and the puppy and headed north to Bluefin Bay.We looked online (typically when we look for vacation rentals we start on VRBO.com or use Cascade Vacation Rentals for the North Shore) and really just wanted a 1 bedroom cabin in the woods with modern amenities (running water, for example. You’d be surprised how many cabins in the northland lack this), but at such short notice we couldn’t really find what we wanted for the price we wanted, so we settled on Bluefin Bay Resort in Tofte, MN. We made our reservations and the next day headed north for our spontaneous weekend getaway.

Before getting to the resort we stopped in Two Harbors to visit the Castle Danger Brewery taphouse. Husband just popped in to get a growler real quick while I stayed in the car with the dog. From what I could see the taphouse was hoppin’ and had a great atmosphere. They must know what they’re doing too, because even though the place was packed Husband was in and out in a couple minutes.

We arrived at the resort after dark, and that far north it is VERY dark. We could hear the Lake from the back patio of our condo, but couldn’t see it at all. We found out in the morning it was just a few yards away! After we got settled inside we made a bee-line for the outdoor hot tub. We stayed there until the pool area closed. It is a great experience to sit in a hot tub when the air around you is 20°F and the stars are shining brightly above you. Just beautiful.

After that we ate the bake and take pizza we picked up from the Coho Cafe right next to the pool. It was delicious! We fell asleep by the fireplace, all cuddled up with the puppy, and in the morning were greeted with this:

Sunrise over Lake Superior in January
January sunrise over Lake Superior

Not bad, right? In true weekend getaway fashion we took our sweet time getting up and made sure it included coffee & irish cream. Breakfast was had at the Waves of Superior Cafe, on the grounds of another Bluefin property. Neither of us were very impressed; the prices were pretty high for a breakfast, especially for a place with no table service and with signs everywhere asking you to bus your own tables. We didn’t let that get us down though. After breakfast we decided to take in what nature had to offer and headed to Temperance River State Park. We meant to take the dog for a walk on the paved Gitchi-Gami State Trail, but it had not been cleared of the snow so we explored other areas of the park. Thinking back this was a silly reason not to take that trail since everywhere else we went was covered with snow too, but oh well. We had a great time exploring the park.

Temperance River State Park
Husband and Puppy at Temperance River State Park

After that we decided to continue driving north, just for the fun of it, and ended up in Grand Marais. We didn’t spend much time here; we just grabbed some lunch from the Whole Foods Co-op, stopped at a park on the shore and took some pictures. It was a beautiful day.

Grand Marais shoreline
Shoreline of Grand Marais

By the time we got back to the condo the temperature had fallen and the winds had picked up substantially. While Husband lit the fire in the fireplace I couldn’t help myself and went to stand as close as I dared to the edge of the lake, the waves crashing up on the rocks. I had to get as many photos as I could and standing inside taking them through the windows just wouldn’t do. Here are the fruits of my labor:

IMG_20150124_160547~2 IMG_20150124_160853 IMG_20150124_160901 IMG_20150125_085330~2

That last photo is from the next morning. What a breathtaking sunrise! We headed home that day, unwilling to get back to reality, but feeling more refreshed than we do even after week-long vacations. The area was beautiful, the resort quiet and relaxing, and the air so fresh. I’m a big fan of the weekend getaway.


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