Home made corn bread

Back when we were dating most of our date nights were spent in the kitchen cooking together. We liked cooking better than going to movies because we actually spent the time with one another, talking face to face, instead of sitting in a dark room, not paying any attention to one another. It was cheaper than eating out too.


Husband and I still like cooking together but it’s tough to find a night when we’re both home for dinner. Tonight, though, Husband has off so we cooked. He made chili and I made fresh corn bread from scratch, with sweet corn right off the cob and everything.


I got the recipe from AmericasTestKitchen.com and followed it exactly (except I don’t have a cast iron skillet and used my cast iron Dutch oven instead), so I will send you to their website for it. It’s a little extra work but so worth it. Fresh Corn Cornbread recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.



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