A Dollar A Day

Guys. Google is super creepy sometimes—their phone tells me where my car is parked, for example, and learned where my husband works based on where he spends most of his waking hours—but sometimes, Google is awesome instead of creepy.I just found their app, One Today. In short, its purpose is to get you to donate $1 each day to causes and projects you want to support.

How it works:

  1. Download the app, available for both Android and Apple devices
  2. Tell the app your interests. For me, it just had me pick one from a list, but you can go back into your Giving Profile later and add more interest categories
  3. Decide if you want to give $1 to any of the projects it shows you
  4. Every day it will show you different featured projects you can give to

There’s a social element to it too. Not only can you share to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ every time you donate, but you can also invite friends to Pay It Forward—you pick the amount you want to donate, your friend picks where the money goes. You can also provide a matching donation. You listen to public radio just like I do, right? So you know ALLLLLLL about matching donations. Except with this app, you pick the number of people you’ll match. Which is basically the same as picking the amount because people can only donate $1 at a time. So if you pick two people, you’re on the hook for $2 if two people donate to the project you selected.

I’ve decided that in addition to No-Booze November, I’m also going to use this app to up my charitable giving, which I also think is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Each day this month I’ll use One Today to donate $1 to support projects I like.

Now, I do believe that donating $50 to one organization, rather than $1 to 50 organizations is more effective and efficient, but I also believe that every dollar helps. Since I already give lump sums every month to organizations I believe in (Salvation Army, Mission 21, WorldVision, Wildwoods), and I have a little left in my charity budget, I can spread the wealth around a little too.

I think this app is great and I think you should give it a try. My only complaint about it would be that it seems you can’t nominate organizations to be included in One Today’s list. I would love to see that function added. Check out One Today from Google.


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