Betty’s Pies

August came and went pretty quickly, and as September crept into its second week we realized we had not done anything new! So we were going to have to do two new things in September. But then Husband remembered that we had, in fact, done something new without even realizing it.

Every August my extended family does a camping trip together. This year we went to Gooseberry Falls State Park. GORGEOUS. We did all kinds of fun things; hike up the Gooseberry River, swim in Lake Superior (well, quickly dunk is more appropriate since, per usual, the water was f*ing cold), campfires on the shore, exploring coves. On our way home my brother and his wife wanted to stop at Betty’s Pies, a fairly famous north-shore favorite that’s hard to miss as you drive on Hwy 61 north of Two Harbors. Husband and I felt about Betty’s Pies as we feel about most famous attractions of that ilk: why bother? It’s usually over-priced and the food is typically so commercialized that the “home-made” quality that made it famous has long vacated the scene. But hey, why not? More visiting time.

Betty's Pies map
View a Google Map of Betty’s Pies

We had our puppy, and, after 2 days of no showers, decided it was best to eat outside. I stayed out with the pup while the others went in to order. Husband and I both got traditional slices of pie while my brother and sister-in-law both got pie shakes. My pie was… well I can’t remember what kind it was, that’s how memorable it tasted. I’m told the shakes were delicious.

In the end, I still feel like I did before we went. Why bother? The pie didn’t taste any better than pie from anywhere else. It was fun to visit some more with my family, but I’m afraid Betty’s Pies will be relegated to the “only if everyone else wants to” list. Otherwise, I’ll bake my own pie and invite everyone over to my house to share.


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