The season is slowing down a bit. Most of the orphaned animals are grown and out in the wild. A lot of what we have now are injured animals and birds, but not many. It always slows down in the winter months and soon they won’t need me anymore. But yesterday I did get to feed two squirrels, which always melts away a bad day. Plus I got to feed a bucket of minnows to a blue heron! When I asked where the heron came from and how it got to Wildwoods, I found out that my neighbor across the street actually called it in. What a crazy random happenstance! I also got to assist with an American Bittern and a fed a baby Mourning Dove. I hate the call of Mourning Doves, but it’s hard to resist when a baby knows it’s dinnertime and starts flapping it’s little wings in excitement.

Visit Wildwoods’ website to learn more about wildlife rehabilitation.


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