Ely's Peak 01

Ely’s Peak

I am a *bit* behind in posting our adventures this summer. It’s been so busy and the short times I’ve been able to work on my blog have been spent making sure the merger of my other two blogs into this one was a smooth one. Better late than never right?

This particular hike met a couple of my goals. It was a New Thing we did in July, and it is part of the Superior Hiking Trail. The peak is named for Edmund F. Ely (pronounced ee-l-ee), missionary, postmaster, and early settler (c.1830’s) of West Duluth.

Today it’s a very popular hiking destination as it offers fantastic views of the St. Louis River. It’s a rugged hike, quite vertical (242-foot gain), but short (just about 1 mile). Just make sure you have good hiking shoes with support for your ankles.

The nearest trailhead to Ely’s Peak is at the end of 123rd Ave W off of Becks Rd/CR 3 in Duluth. There’s a dirt parking lot with someone’s driveway off to the right side. There are large signs on the driveway specifying that you are not to use it as access to the trail, even though it crosses the trail. Instead, you must follow the trail from the center-front (direction the cars are facing) of the parking lot. Take that spur trail to the Willard Munger trail (a nice paved trail) and turn right (south). You’ll cross a bridge that goes over a railroad track and a short distance after this you’ll see the Superior Hiking Trail logo pointing off to the left. Here’s my map of the trail.

This trail leaves the paved Willard Munger trail and climbs a rocky cliff that can be difficult to spot if you’re not looking for it. There were a couple of times we thought we might have reached the top, but it just kept going up.

Ely's Peak 01
Only about half-way up Ely’s Peak the view is already spectacular.
Ely's Peak 02
The pup enjoyed the view as well

Then we reached the summit, which is 242 feet higher than where we started, and were rewarded handsomely for our efforts

Ely's Peak 03
The north-west view from the top of Ely’s Peak
Ely's Peak 04
Husband and Pup on top of the world, looking east over the St. Louis River

And as always, people, please leave your dog on-leash. Dear Fluffy does not need freedom from a leash as much as he/she needs you to watch his/her back. Whenever a dog does something regrettable, the owner is always heard to say, “I just don’t understand. Fluffy NEVER does that.”


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