April was coming to a close quickly and we hadn’t done anything new. We had to act fast. We tried to think of something quick, easy and cheap that we could do and finally on the second to last day of April we decided on rollerskating. Neither of us had been on skates since we were little and Husband had never been to a roller rink in his life so we though this would be perfect. The idea came to us while we were at a Roller Derby bout (go Harbor City Roller Dames!) and an ad for the local rink, World of Wheels, was in the program.

Tuesdays are their “Cheap Skate” days so for the two of us it was $6. Total. Admission, skate rental, 2 hours, 2 people, $6. The price is RIGHT my friends! And it was so much fun. It took a little while to get used to it but after a few times around the rink we both had the hang of it… well, for beginners anyway. We were probably the worst skaters there even though we were at least 20 years older than 98% of the people there, but we didn’t care. We were there to have fun and we definitely did.

Roller Skating at World of Wheels in Superior, WI
A little nervous, Husband laces up his skates

This was one of those times where we both felt so ridiculous and we were both so bad at it that it became hilariously fun. There’s just something about doing “kid” activities as an adult that sets you in a good mood and reminds you not to take life too seriously. We’ll be visiting World of Wheels again very soon.

Oh, and a whole new level of respect goes out from both of us to all roller derby participants everywhere. Rollerskating is NOT easy.

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