Grab-and-Go Breakfast: Egg Muffin

A quick one today, and no pictures, sorry. I’ve been looking for a good quick grab and go, make-ahead breakfast option for weekdays. Me + time to make breakfast before work = nope. I had been big on Overnight Oats, but after eating them every day all winter and spring I got a bit… over it. I plan to give breakfast oatmeal muffins a try but in the meantime I made breakfast egg muffins instead.
Egg yolks make me feel sick for some reason so I used just the whites. For 6 egg “muffins” just whisk together 12 egg whites and whatever herbs and spices you want (I added fresh Basil, chives, salt and pepper), then divide evenly among 6 well greased muffin tin cups. Add toppings like mushrooms, tomatoes or cheese and bake at 375F for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely. Store baggies in the fridge and just grab one on the way out the door. I had hamburger buns so I grabbed one on my way out and heated up my egg muffin sandwich in the microwave at work.
Quick, simple, healthy.


2 thoughts on “Grab-and-Go Breakfast: Egg Muffin

  1. That sounds really good! I like the muffin tin idea. I used to make something similar with scrambled eggs, but getting them to hold together was a losing battle. I shall try again, using a muffin tin mold 🙂


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