A New Addition

Rye on a walk

Meet our new puppy! Rye is a 5 month old Vizsla-Wiemaraner-Great Pyrenees-Briard mix (we have the DNA test to prove it, thanks to my very curious mother-in-law) and he’s the cutest puppy in the world.


3 thoughts on “A New Addition

  1. Yep, the prediction is now 22-25″ tall and 45-50 lbs. In the three weeks we’ve had him he’s gained 10 lbs. Did you look up any of the other dog breeds? He looks more like the Vizsla than any of the others.


    1. Good Heavens!! He looks like ALL of them, except the Great Pyrenees! He’s even got that cute littly mush like the Briard!! His color is definitely Vizsla, but his head shape could be Wiemarahner, too!
      Oy….big, all of them….


  2. so…. he’s gonna be bigger than a beagle, eh? 😉
    BTW I’ve never heard of any of those dogs, except the Great Pyrenees. There was that cartoon dog named Bell… was a Great Pyrenees…


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