Cucumber Lime Margarita Jello Shots

Husband and I just finished our 2nd Annual No Booze November. Why on earth would we ever do such a thing? For several reasons: 1. It saves money. Liquor is expensive! And 2. To prove to ourselves we weren’t alcoholics. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but we were having 2 or 3 drinks every night when we would come home from work, and it was getting to the point where I was actually craving it. Dangerous territory! So we decided, for the second year in a row, to drink no alcohol in our home, or purchase it from a liquor store (Thanksgiving was excluded). I am happy to say we did save money and I no longer have as strong of cravings as before.

BUT. As soon as December first rolled around we decided to celebrate! So we held the 1st Annual Team S. Liquor Appreciation Day on December 1st. We invited some friends over and enjoyed a few drinks, and a new treat: The jello shot. Now, these are not your college-days, just-for-gettting-smashed, taste-doesn’t-really-matter jello shots. These things were high class. I found Jelly Shot Test Kitchen on Pinterest a long time ago and instantly knew I had to try their recipes one day. For this event we tried The Bramble and the Cucumber Lime Margarita.

All I can say is wowee wow wow WOW! Delicious! Amazing! Incredible! Happiness in my mouth! Ok, so maybe it was because I hadn’t had a margarita in a month, but these things were so flipping good! I think the margarita one was my favorite, however The Bramble (grape jello+blackberry liqueur on top, gin+lemon on the bottom) was fantastic as well. I made The Bramble exactly as directed, and the only things I did differently from the original Cucumber Lime Margarita recipe was to use plastic cups specifically made for jello shots (completely defeating the purpose of a “high class” jello shot), and to garnish it in a slightly different, more crappy way. Oh, and speaking of garnish, I absolutely abhor salt on my margarita glass, but the salt/sugar/cayenne pepper mixture for sprinkling on top of the shots was A++.

I plan on making several more of the upscale jello shots featured on Jelly Shot Test Kitchen and I can tell you with certainty I will be making the Cucumber Lime Margarita ones for Christmas.

Oh, and in the tradition of this blog, I will also tell you what we did that failed miserably. We attempted our own version of a jello shot. The Bourbon shot. We tried to use other recipes to guide us, but it was an utter failure. I think we heated 1 cup of water, added 2.5 packets of gelatin and stirred in 1/2 C of bourbon. The color was a milky brown—gross—and it tasted like… gross. It just tasted like gross. Even Husband, who’s favorite beverage is bourbon, hated it and told our guests that if anyone pissed him off he’d make them eat one of those shots. So there, now you know. We failed at figuring out our own jello shot.

Just in case you missed the links above, get the recipes here: The Bramble and the Cucumber Lime Margarita.

Cucumber Lime Margarita Jello Shot
Cucumber Lime Margarita Jelly Shot

Nutritional Info (

Cucumber Lime Margarita Jelly Shots


The Bramble


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