Menu Plan for Week 49 of 2012

A review of our Gluten Free Thanksgiving including a dark chocolate tart, pumpkin scones and more…

My brother-in-law wanted to surprise his parents for Thanksgiving by showing up unannounced. Awesome! Then, just a couple days before the big event, he told my husband that his girlfriend was coming with. Not a problem, except that she is severely allergic to gluten and bro-in-law still wanted it to be a surprise. Now, I am all about surprises, but when a severe food allergy is involved, the hostess should, in my opinion, probably be told about it. I was nervous, but I didn’t say a word and the boys came up with a plan to keep it under wraps while still having gluten-free food available.

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This woodpecker, and many others of various sizes, visited the bird feeder at my in-laws' while we were there over Thanksgiving.
This woodpecker, and many others of various sizes, visited the bird feeder at my in-laws’ while we were there over Thanksgiving.

My husband called his mother and told her not to stuff the turkey because he had a “special stuffing” he wanted to try. So he convinced her to brine the bird instead, thus keeping all gluten-filled things away from it. Then bro-in-law was going to bring a gluten-free green bean casserole, but that had been assigned to my mom so she brought it instead (yes, I spilled the beans to her because, like I said, keeping food allergies a secret is a recipe for disaster) and he made a buckwheat stuffing instead. I was responsible for a gluten-free dessert.

I was nervous and did not expect this to go well, but I guess I am just a pessimist because everything went off without a hitch! The food was absolutely delicious and (to my knowledge) none of it made my basically-sister-in-law sick.


GF Pumpkin Scone with Maple IcingPumpkin Scones – I would have to say that the least successful dish was this. Not because the recipe was doomed to fail, but because I think we did it wrong. It calls for pumpkin butter, which is made by simmering pumpkin puree until it’s, well, butter. In my haste at the grocery store I did not immediately see puree, but there was “mix” in a pumpkin puree shaped can so I grabbed it and looked no further. Also, due in part to both laziness and sleepiness, we didn’t really get to a “butter” texture before we quit simmering it. It was taking for-freaking-EVER! So that’s my theory as to why they ended up crumbly. Tasty, but crumbly. Anyway, except for screwing it up, we didn’t change the recipe at all so you can get the original from

Side Dish

GF Green Bean CassaroleGluten Free Green Bean Casserole – This is my mom’s contribution to Thanksgiving and it was amazing! Fresh green beans, carrots, almond slivers, greek yogurt, dijon mustard and lemon zest. I’ll post the full recipe soon, and believe me you will want to come back to get it because this was a very good departure from the normal cream-of-question-mark-soup-based green bean casserole. I didn’t even miss the tater tots!


Gluten Free Chocolate TartGluten Free Dark Chocolate Truffle Tart – This was so good I made it twice. The second time I used a pre-packaged pie dough (one that you just roll out into the pie tin and bake) and let me just say that the gluten free crust was WAY better. It tasted like a cookie. The non-GF crust just tasted like plain ol’ crusty crust. This recipe was relatively easy to make, and except for the expense of the gluten-free flour, I have no complaints about it at all. Ok, just one more: the original recipe is a little hard to follow because the crust recipe is in a different spot. So, mostly for my own record keeping, I combined the recipes to try to make it a little easier to follow. Read more…

GF Apple CrispGluten Free Bourbon Apple Crisp – My husband and I get a little competitive sometimes. Not only did I make the gluten free chocolate tart, but I also made my regular run-of-the-mill apple pie. It’s my favorite at this time of year so I couldn’t resist making it for Thanksgiving. Husband decided if I was making 2 things, he had to make 2 things (he was making his famous white wine and garlic mashed potatoes) so he made up his own recipe for a gluten free apple crisp using his favorite ingredient: bourbon. The gluten free “crisp” on top didn’t really get crispy, and the bourbon taste faded after cooking, but it was still really good. Read more…

Basic Apple PieApple Pie – This was the only gluten free item at the table this Thanksgiving. I make it every year at least once about this time because it is really hard to screw up and it is amazing. It’s just the standard apple pie recipe from my Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. It’s not the same recipe they have on their website now so perhaps I’ll post the full recipe in the future.

Happy Accidents & Experiments

Bourbon Butter 2Bourbon Butter – I was trying to make the bourbon whipped cream I’ve always made for things like apple pie, but I didn’t have the proper equipment so I ended up accidentally making bourbon flavored butter! It’s great on cinnamon toast. Read more…

Home Made Apple Cider CaramelsApple Cider Caramels with Maple Syrup – I wasn’t sure if corn was acceptably gluten free so I made these caramels using maple syrup instead of corn syrup. They ended up WAY sweeter and more pliable than the originals, but they were still a hit. Read more…

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