Bourbon Butter

Sometimes everything goes wrong, but ends up oh so very right. Enter, Bourbon Butter.

I was trying to make my special Bourbon Whipped Cream for the apple pie, but the mixer at my in-laws doesn’t have a whisk attachment. I had to use the regular beaters, but I couldn’t get the speed up high enough because it would just splatter all over.

I assumed it would just take a really long time and be a little less firm than whipped cream should be, since I have made this countless times before under a variety of conditions. What actually happened, though, was a complete surprise.I had already made a batch of plain whipped cream not 5 minutes prior, and everything worked fine. So I put the heavy whipping cream in the bowl and began mixing on the “whip” setting of the stand-alone electric mixer. Sure enough, “soft peak” stage came along and I added the powdered sugar and 2 Tbsp bourbon, like I’ve always done. Started the mixer again on “whip.” About a minute later, instead of bourbon whipped cream, I ended up with this glop:

Definitely NOT whipped cream…

Where had I gone wrong? Maybe too much bourbon. So I began again, but this time I only added 1 Tbsp bourbon. Same thing! What the heck? Finally my husband got involved. He was not afraid to make a mess and cranked that mixer WAY past “whip.” It worked, but why had the addition of bourbon made this happen, when it had worked under the same exact conditions just minutes before? I am no food scientist so this may remain a mystery to me forever. All I know is, once I strained out the thick from the thin, I had delicious Bourbon Butter on my hands. Now all I need are some scones to spread it on…


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