Menu plan for Week 37 of 2012

Oh man, have I been lazy on the menu planning front! I haven’t planned anything since June and now that we’re in the second full week of September already it’s time to start again. Part of the reason I haven’t planned anything recently is that rather than cutting costs, my plans actually increased my grocery bill by about $75 a month. Apparently I was selecting recipes that used ingredients we don’t often have on hand, or that I couldn’t find on sale. I’ll have to be better about using coupons to plan my menus.

And now is a great time to start planning again; Husband and I have both been going to the gym since March but neither of us has seen a drastic reduction in our weights/sizes (although my strength and endurance have improved nicely). So it’s time to start changing up our diet—eating better foods on a regular basis.

Now where to find the better foods? I guess anything would be better than what we have been doing, which includes a steady diet of Little Caesar’s and Erbert & Gerbert’s (I argue the Erbs & Gerbs isn’t all that unhealthy, though). All the gym-going has made it a little trickier as well since we get home later and have less time to cook. I think many of our future meals will have to be of the slow-cooker variety.

This Week’s Plan:

Main Dishes:

Side Dishes:
  • Cucumber Salad –
  • Garden salads with tomatoes from our actual garden

My Pinterest Menu Board


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