Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan for Week 26 of 2012

A Review of Green Smoothies, Chicken & Fruit Pizza, Baked Lemon Pasta, Roasted Red Potatoes and more

I’ve made up my mind to plan my meals 2 weeks in advance. Obviously a lot can change in 2 weeks so the plans are not written in stone, but the idea is to have a plan in place so we don’t waste time and money. It’s also easier to eat healthier if you have to think about what you’re eating.

We’ve just finished week 1 of this and I must say I got a lot more out of it than I expected! I found new recipes that will become favorites and staples, plus I’ve gotten a bit of a renewed food inspiration. The “cooker’s block” I was experiencing is lifting and I’m starting to think of the food we eat in different ways. For example, we’ve only ever used chickpeas (garbanzo beans) for hummus, but last week I made a salad using them. It was great! Take a look at last week.

Next Week’s Menu

My Pinterest Menu Board



What we ate Last Week

For recipes and notes from last week, click these links:

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