Flood 5 - Third attempt at getting home, failed

Well, there’s a flood outside my door. Now what?

I thought it was impossible. A flood in Duluth? Hillside Duluth no less? Yep. It’s so bad, in fact, that our mayor has declared a state of emergency. Roads are washed away, vehicles are getting stuck all over the place, people can’t get to or from work and, very sadly, many zoo animals have drowned.

It is absolutely nuts! For those of you who are on twitter, follow #duluthflood for the latest news and pictures. Since you’re here, I’ll share mine with you!

Husband got a call at 5:30am saying none of his breakfast staff was able to get to work; they were all stuck somewhere because everything was flooded. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and went to take pictures around town. I headed up the hill and this is what I found:

Flood 1 - SuperOne

The frontage road is completely impassable and the highway, at this point, was almost as bad (at the time of this posting authorities have closed the road).

Flood 2 - Miller Trunk Highway

People were still trying to get through on the highway.

Flood 3 - Target

Then I turned around and headed the other way on the frontage road to go past Target, and eventually hook up again with Miller Trunk/Central Entrance. But nope! That was not going to happen.

Flood 4 - Target

So I turned around again, got back on the highway, doubled back to head home and BAM! The way I had come was not accessible any more. I pulled off to the side to contemplate my next move, and this (above) was the view from my side window. I followed the lead of many others and turned around on the highway, which meant we were all going the wrong way (kind of fun!). I turned onto Maple Grove Road and started trying to find an alternate way home. I had never been in this part of town before so it would be an adventure.

Flood 5 - Third attempt at getting home, failed

I hit an impasse for a third time (above) and while I was trying to decide whether or not I should attempt to cross, another car passed me and made up my mind for me. He got stuck. While I was there I got out of the car and started taking pictures, like the one of this poor guy:

Flood 6 - Poor guy

I got in my car, turned around, and finally found a safe route home. When I got there, this is what I found:

Flood 7 - My Street

The street was a bit of a river, as was the sidewalk outside my front door (below).

Flood 8 - My Sidewalk

Going to the backyard revealed a never-before-seen creek that had sprung up!

Flood 9 - Backyard River

At this point it was about 7:45am. So I got ready for work and headed off, only to, yet again, be stopped. 1st Ave W was destroyed, and was also between me and my job.

Flood 10 - 1st Ave

I forged ahead anyway, unwise though it may have been for me and my little Escort. I decided to take a few minutes and stop for some pictures.

Flood 10 - 1st Ave Uphill

And looking uphill from 4th Street (above) and downhill (below)

Flood 11 - 1st Ave Downhill

The water was moving very quickly. Hopefully the car won’t get washed away! After I went through the authorities closed this road too.

Flood 13 - 1st Ave Car

The day is not yet over and more rain is on its way. Here is a link to the Duluth News Tribune’s Photo Gallery.


10 thoughts on “Well, there’s a flood outside my door. Now what?

  1. My heart is aching for you and the city. Very sad.
    Now, please stop roaming around the city. Better yet, evacuate to a safer zone…perhaps to your parents home?


  2. No way! In fact, I just got back in from driving around town finding more things to take pictures of. I got quite a lot! I’ll be sure to post them


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