Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan for Week 25 of 2012

I heart being organized. I am much better about it at work than I am at home, though. One of my problems is that it seems to be so expensive to stay organized—the totes, bins, shelves, baskets, bags (or the materials to make your own); it all equals big $$$—money which I would rather be spending on something like this:

Preikestolen in morning sun (2)
Pulpit Rock, Norway. Photo by jensvins (on

All the same, I do value being organized. I like lists and plans and I absolutely adore spreadsheets (that’s my dad showing through). I like knowing what to expect and how long it’s going to take. I think that when an object (especially in the kitchen) has a designated spot, that’s where I should find it so I don’t spend half an hour looking for that damn can opener (“Where the heck is it? It should be in this drawer here.” hubby: “It’s in the bin over there.” me: “WHY is it THERE? That makes NO sense at all!” hubby: “because that’s where I put it when I did the dishes for you.” me: “Oh. Yeah. Thanks for doing the dishes, I guess. But put things back where they actually belong, would you?!?”).

Anyway, back to the expense of it all. There is one aspect of organization that doesn’t cost me any extra cash. In fact, it saves me a ton of money. It’s called menu planning. I dabbled in menu planning a while back and it really worked well. I didn’t have to sit with the fridge door open, staring into the void, wondering what the heck to do with this random stash of so called food. Don’t get me wrong, the creative process of, “oh yeah, I should probably make something for dinner,” is a great way to come up with new things and get the inspiration flowing. But sometimes (like when you get home from the gym and your legs haven’t stopped feeling like jelly yet) you just need someone to tell you what to do. A menu plan can be just that someone!

Unfortunately I haven’t done much planning for a long time. Partly because once Mr. Man got his new job and then a promotion his hours became a bit like jelly gym legs—quite unreliable—and now I am often on my own for dinner. Cooking was easy when he was around to help, but now I have to do it by myself and I just can’t be bothered to care most days. “Those left-over noodles look a little funky. Whatever. Nom nom nom.” This does not make for a healthy me.

Today I stumbled across, home of Menu Plan Monday. The creator of the website posts what her meal plan is for the week, and hundreds of bloggers all do the same. They then link their menus back to the Menu Plan Monday blog so everyone can see and be inspired by what everyone else is eating. I think this just might be the best way for me to get back into the swing of things. Some level of accountability, but also a vast resource of ideas.

However, part of OrgJunkie’s menu planning involves a trip to the grocery store every Monday. Every Monday? I hate shopping and I can’t imagine having to go every week. I’d rather eat dirt. I might be able to do every other week, though, so we’ll start there and see how it goes. The only things I wouldn’t be able to buy far in advance would be produce. But I can make Husband pick that stuff up on his way home the previous day.

So, I know it’s not Monday, but there’s no time like the present to make changes for the better. So, below is my dinner menu for the next 2 weeks (lunches are always leftovers)—For those of you who are visual, like me, here is my menu on Pinterest.

This Week

Tuesday 6/19

Wednesday 6/20

Thursday 6/21

Friday 6/22

Saturday & Sunday 6/23-24

  • Leftovers and/or Creative Time!

Next Week

Monday 6/25

Tuesday 6/26

Wednesday 6/27

Thursday 6/28

Friday 6/29

Saturday & Sunday 6/30-7/1

  • Leftovers/Creative Night



2 thoughts on “Menu Plan for Week 25 of 2012

  1. Did you notice the story that went with the Tuna Burgers?!? See……it can happen to anybody….easy to do……I’m not the only one 😉


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