DIY Plant Markers

DIY Plant Markers

This is something I saw on Pinterest a while back and today I actually made them! We have an abundance of sticks and I still have all my stamps from my Stampin’ Up phase, so it wasn’t a problem to find materials, and this morning was absolutely perfect for sitting on the deck, whittling away, and enjoying some coffee and sunshine.

They’re so easy to make; just find straight-ish sticks, about the width of your index finger and cut down to about 6-inches in length, use a utility knife to whittle away one end (do I need to say it? always move the knife AWAY from any body parts, not towards), then use rubber stamp letters (or a pen, or a marker, or anything that is non-toxic) to write the plant name on it.

Update: Later on the same day I made these it rained. All my hard work washed away! I will need to find some more permanent inks to use, but I don’t want to destroy my stamps. I will either try pigment inks or brush some polyurethane over the stamping. I don’t want to grow toxic food, but at the same time I really don’t want to spend money on this project. After all, this is Working With What You Have; I have polyurethane, but I do not have pigment inks. What is a girl to do? Anyone have any ideas for me?


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