Standing Together Against Human Trafficking: A Successful Evening of Awareness

Friday December 2nd A Beautiful Rescue held an event at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe in downtown Duluth, MN to raise awareness of the presence of human trafficking in Duluth, and to raise funds for the victims of sex trafficking. The main goal was to get the word out, to open the City’s eyes to this violence happening in our home town, right under our noses, and to change the paradigm with which we view the women who are victims. Secondly, we aimed to raise funds for A Beautiful Rescue, which has the ultimate goal of providing safe, permanent housing for victims that will provide an atmosphere of healing and rehabilitation.

We were successful!

About 200 people attended the event (the number may sound small, but it was a small venue… more than 200 and we may have violated a fire code) and even more read and watched the great coverage from our local media. People were drawn in off the street by the live music, and those eating dinner at the restaurant in the building came over to see what all the commotion was about. Many were shocked and surprised to learn about what is going on in our city and still more left with a desire to help stop sex trafficking.

We were also able to raise a good amount of money through the ticket sales, art sale, silent auction and donations so we can continue to raise awareness and bring healing to victims.

If you were unable to attend the event you can still donate to A Beautiful Rescue online at
You can also check out some photos of the event at

And check out some of the great media coverage:


A Beautiful Rescue has ceased to exist as an active organization and donations are no longer accepted. The money we raised went to local organizations who shared the same vision to see sexual violence and human trafficking end. Even though we’re closed, you can still get some great information at our website, which will be left up for the foreseeable future.


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