2011 Veg Garden

The 2011 Garden

Now that we have our own house with our own big back yard we put in a proper in-the-ground-surrounded-by-a-fence-filled-with-compost-and-worms garden. It was HARD work; you can see in the photos below our veg garden is surrounded by large rocks – those were ALL dug out of the garden bed and that’s not even all of them. Some of the rocks are granite; we know this because H needed to blow off some steam so he took his sledge hammer and smashed one of the buggars to bits.

We’ve planted a lot, despite the “beginners should start small” advice from everything I’ve read. In our 5′ x 10′ veg garden we have beans, sugar snap peas, 3 varieties of tomato, a bell pepper, eggplants, two varieties of lettuce, and carrots. The beans, peas and some of the eggplants were started indoors with my surprisingly well-working Jiffy seed starting tray. The carrots and lettuce (and a few peas) were planted directly in the garden and will hopefully sprout before I forget where they are (yes, it’s labeled but sometimes you don’t see them). We purchased the three tomato plants (Celebrity, Sweet 100 Hybrid and Early Girl Hybrid), the bell pepper and one eggplant plant that were all about 4 inches tall.

On the deck we’ve also got a pot with spinach in it and I’m planning on starting a mesclun mix in another pot as well, though we have a squirrel that likes to visit the bird feeder nearby so we’ll see how long the greens last. I also started morning glories indoor and planted those in a pot on the deck and the same goes for some chives and basil. I purchased an oregano plant and put it in the box planter with the chives and basil. So far so good!

I’ve also got a jug with candytuft and columbine started, but I’m not sure were I’m going to put them yet.

Here’s to the 2011 Backyard Growing Season!

Garden From Above
Garden From Above
2011 Veg Garden
2011 Veg Garden

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