I Voted

I Voted!

I still hope for a brighter future so I voted this morning in the 2010 MN State General Election!

Voting is very important! Make sure you go out there and vote. Don’t vote for someone because they do or don’t belong to a particular political party, don’t vote for someone because your mom is voting for that person, and don’t vote for a guy because you like the sound of his name or the way he looks (that is only allowed when selecting wine). And whatever you do DON’T vote for someone just because you don’t think the person you really want to vote for probably won’t win. If we all voted for the ones we really want in office, we might be surprised (pleasantly) at the results.

Vote for someone because you have done the research and their values, ideals and plans most closely align with your own. Think about what the future needs and vote for the individuals you believe will get us at least closest to those goals.

Go ahead and share the picture above with readers and followers of your blog, facebook page, twitter account or anywhere else if you’ve voted this year.


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