Camping Food

This year my family’s annual camping trip was held at Black River State Forest near Black River Falls, WI. One of the things everyone looks forward to is my mom’s camp cooking. No hot dogs for this woman, she goes all out!

Dinner 1: Lasagna – she pre-cooked everything (stored the ingredients separately) and assembled it on-site in a disposable tin pan. Then she placed it in a larger tin pan of boiling water and cooked it until it was warm. Many times lasagna can end up being soupy, but this stuff was definitely not! It was thick and meaty and delicious!

Breakfast 1: Crepes and omelettes. She pre-made the crepes and filling and stored them in the refrigerator until it was time to go. At breakfast time she threw the stack of crepes on the edge of the campfire (in tinfoil, separated by parchment paper) to warm them. Then all the inside ingredients (strawberries, blueberries, filling) were set out on the picnic table for us to assemble ourselves. As for the eggs, historically she has lugged a huge, heavy cast-iron pan to the campsite and made everything in that. This time, though, she just brought the eggs, cheese, onions (she caramelized them before the trip), and other various ingredients as well as some ziplock bags. At the site just crack open an egg or two into a ziplock bag, add whatever other ingredients you want, shake it up to scramble it all together and throw the bag into some boiling water. After about 10 minutes you will have an omelette. I first saw this idea at but my co-worker does this whenever she goes camping too. Just make sure the bag doesn’t touch the bottom or sides of the pot or it will melt.

Lunch 1: Gazpacho (cold soup). On a hot day cold soup is quite refreshing. I’m not sure where she got her recipe but it was very flavorful

Dinner 2: Tacos! Made them just like she made the lasagna and it was tasty! The meat was precooked and placed in a disposable tin pan, then placed in a larger pan of boiling water and warmed up. Served over your choice of taco-flavored Doritos or soft tortilla shells. All the fixin’s were there too: cheese, jalapeños, salsa – anything that was available for the eggs as well.

Breakfast 2: Same as Breakfast 1. Still delicious and easy to make!

Lunch 2: Leftovers from everything

We may have been sleepin in tents on the ground, but as far as the food was concerned, we were glamping in style!


One thought on “Camping Food

  1. We had such fun! The double boiler method cooks things quite evenly (no burned bottoms), but you do sacrifice some of that “campfire” flavor. The tin pans are light weight and disposable, versus the cast iron fry pan and Dutch oven (heavy and have to clean them up).

    The aluminum food pans should rest on the edges of the bottom boiler pan. Don’t let it rest on the bottom.
    Also, don’t get the fire going too hot/high. Just enough to boil the water gently.

    The Gazpacho recipe was from I don’t remember exactly which one, but it had the word Quick or Easy in the title. It used canned tomatoes. Gussied it up with V-8.

    Megan is my biggest inspiration. I get most of my ideas and recipes from her. 🙂


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