Scottish Shortbread, or, Gone in 60 Seconds

My oven is FINALLY fixed after 1.5 weeks of painful bake-free existence (baking cake in a toaster oven is not so easy) so I’ve had an itch to bake something. We’ve already blown our monthly grocery budget so we don’t have much left in the house to bake with but luckily my husband is resourceful and used the “These are the ingredients I have” tool at (my favorite recipe website) and found Scottish Shrortbread. Flour, sugar, butter. That’s IT. And it was delicious! I would have taken a picture of it but it didn’t last long enough for that nonsense.

Grab the recipe here: Scottish Shortbread from Cheryl Otten, posted on

The only thing I did differently was to add 1/4 tsp vanilla extract. The shortbread resulted in a perfectly crumbly, buttery cookie, perfect for eating with a cup of coffee.

One note on making the dough, though, if you’re an amateur baker like me, you might freak out a little when the dough in step one stays dry and crumbly. Don’t panic, just use a spatula or your hands to press the dough together, giving you the stiff dough the recipe calls for.

The recipe also neglects to specify a baking time. We did ours for 25 minutes, checking after 15 to pop any bubbles that had formed.



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