My Veggie Patch

So we started a veggie garden with the intent to save money (in the long run) on produce. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment with limited space. That space also gets limited exposure to light. Our proximity to Lake Superior also will play a huge factor in our success. According to the growing zone maps I’ve seen, we are a completely different zone than on top of the hill, less than 1 mile away! So we’ll see how a container garden in Duluth which is crammed into a space surrounded on all sides by houses, trees and garages will do…

Our very first veggie garden
Our very first veggie garden

The stars of our garden, from left to right:

  • Carrots
  • Bush Giant Tomatoes
  • Peas (in the back)
  • Spinach (small terra-cotta pot in the front)
  • Cucumbers – they will be going against the white fencing on the right. Home Depot and Menard’s both ran out of the right sized containers!

I am quite proud of the bamboo climbing fence I hand crafted for the peas! And look at the supreme craftsmanship of that fence surrounding the whole garden. Not too bad for my first try! There’s even a door that swings open. Let’s hope it keeps the squirrels out.


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